Semi-permanent makeup specialists in Belfast

Semi permanent make up by Rasa. Semi permanent eyebrows, Microblading, fully blushed lips, Eyeliners and much more!

Qualified and experienced semi-permanent makeup artists

Beauty Ink by RD is the home of perfect microblading and professional semi-permanent makeup services in Belfast. The semi-permanent makeup studio is headed by Rasa, who is a trained and highly skilled professional in the field of semi-permanent eyebrows and microblading eyebrows. Rasa is also fully qualified in semi-permanent lips and eyeliner services. She has spent over 6 years training in this line of work and continues to make time to learn new techniques every 6 months. She recently also became a fully qualified trainer and is now certified to teach other students to learn these award-winning techniques.

To Rasa, the most rewarding thing is watching her clients express delight with their treatment and seeing them embrace a new found confidence and extreme content in the knowledge that their treatment is safe and very long lasting. Her aim as a microblading expert, is to provide every customer with exactly what they want to achieve, leaving them feeling positively elated with their appearance.

Perfect Eyebrows Stardust -Shadowed Technique 

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Eyebrow microblading

Ombré eyebrows

Full Blushed Lips


Cosmetic tattooing carried out by a qualified and experienced semi-permanent makeup artist.
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